Best Reacher Grabbers For Seniors in UK

Best Reacher Grabbers For Seniors in UK

Unfortunately, when an individual’s body grows older or becomes prone to injuries, it can be incredibly hard to do all the things that they used to. You might find yourself not being able to bend over as far or stand on your tiptoes to reach to the top of the cabinet. However, this is where a medical reacher can come in handy. While there are a lot of considerations to make when buying a reacher, all of the devices you will read about below will contain their own unique features that make them great and stand out amongst the rest.

Best Reacher Grabbers in UK 2018

NRS Healthcare L61554 Combi-Reacher
NRS Healthcare L61554 Combi-Reacher
The NRS L61554 is a truly versatile reacher that can help you easily and quickly pick up objects around the home without bending and straining. Whether you are in the garden or need to get some off the top shelf in the garage, The NRS Combi-Reacher can truly accommodate you in any situation or location.

Easy To Grip Trigger
Since you probably have a hard time bending over and reaching up it might be safe to assume that you grip isn’t what it used to be either. And, this is exactly why The NRS Combi-Reacher comes equipped with an easy grip trigger that allows users to easily operate the grabbing mechanism. Picking up items will truly never be easier.

Notable Specifications

  • Designed to pick up a variety of items
  • Easy to grip trigger
  • Rotation motion help avoid twisting the wrist
  • Lightweight aluminum and plastic design

Overall Assessment
With its versatility, lightweight design, and easy to operate trigger mechanism, The NRS Combi-Reacher is without a doubt one of the best medical grabbers available on the market today.

The Helping Hand Company New Classic Pro Folding Reacher
The Helping Hand Company New Classic Pro Folding Reacher
If you have been in the market for a reacher as of late, you probably already know that you have a variety of different designs and makes right at your fingertips. However, you have truly never seen anything like the Pro Folding Reacher. When you see everything this amazing device has to offer it will be easy to see why this is the number one selling reacher, averaging in at over ten million sells.

Non-Slip Textured Grip
You might not always find yourself in an ideal situation or environment. In fact, you might get caught in the rain or your palms might be sweaty. Whatever the situation is, it really won’t matter when you take advantage of the Pro Folding Reacher. This device comes fully equipped with a non-slip textured “gripcert” surface, so you can always have full control in any situation.

Bright Yellow Design
The bright yellow paint found on the Pro Folding Reacher will ensure that you are able to locate your device in any location. Whether you find yourself in the dark or you drop your device in the weeds, locating it truly won’t be a problem.

Notable Specification

  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Bright yellow design for easy locating
  • Hooked trigger design
  • Magnetic tips provides easy and better pickups

Overall Assessment
As you can see, from all the features it should be pretty evident why the Pro Folding Reacher is the number one selling reacher on the market.

BetterLife Handi-Grip Reacher Grabber
BetterLife Handi-Grip Reacher Grabber
Whether you suffer from serve arthritis or you recently suffered a back injury, it is safe to assume that you can’t get around as good as you used to. This is exactly where the BetterLife Handi-Grip Reacher Grabber can come in handy. This device can truly give you a better quality of life, as it was specifically designed with an comfortable, ergonomic handle and trigger to provide easy lifts every time.

Extended Reach
With a length of 66 centimeters and a weight of 230 grams, you can utilize this innovative device in a variety of different situations. In fact, it was specifically designed so that in many situations you won’t even have to stand up to reach your targeted items. This is something that can come in extremely handy when you are dealing with arthritis or injuries of any kind.

Notable Specifications

  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle and trigger
  • Only weighs 230 grams
  • Has an extended reach of 66 centimeters
  • Rotating head provides versatile operation

Overall Assessment
If you have a hard time standing up or getting out of bed, you can easily see why the BetterLife Handi-Grip Reacher Grabber should be your go-to medical device. The reacher will help you retrieve things from the floor and furniture with ease.

Homecraft AA8058W Handi-Reacher Long Arm Reaching Aid
Homecraft AA8058W Handi-Reacher Long Arm Reaching Aid
The Homecraft AA8058W is a lightweight medical grabber with a robust long handle that was specifically designed for individuals with restricted mobility. This device will make picking up out of reach items easier than ever. Not to mention that in most situations you can do it from the sitting position. This will not only increase your quality of life, but it will give you true independence.

No More Twisting The Wrist
If you are familiar with most medical grabber on the market, you probably already know that they are designed so you have to twist your wrist to pick up certain objects. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Homecraft Handi-Reacher. This device actually features a unique rotating head that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. You can pick up a variety of different objects, regardless of their positioning or angle without even straining the wrist.

Notable Specifications

  • 360-degree rotating head makes picking up fro angles easier
  • Includes a magnet for picking up smaller metal items
  • Easily squeeze the trigger without straining your hand
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

Overall Assessment
The Homecraft Handi-Reacher really includes a variety of features that will not only enhance your life, but it will give you the independence that you need to continue to accomplish tasks on your very own.

Patterson Medical Reacher Pick Up
Patterson Medical Reacher Pick Up
Regardless, if you hurt your back or are confined to a wheelchair, you will need a little help reaching things sometimes. Instead of relying on your family members or friends to retrieve things for you, invest in the Patterson Medical Reacher Pick Up. This particular reacher is designed to offer amazing grip, durability and longevity. In addition to this, it is available in a variety of sizes.

Uniquely Designed Jaws
Unlike other reachers, the Patterson Medical is designed with jaws that are uniquely shaped on the inside. This design allows the user to pick up an item and have full control of it until they bring it to their lap or hand. The gripping jaws will hold onto just about anything, such as socks, a TV remote, book or cup. The purpose of this design is to prevent slippage and loss of control.

Magnetic Head
To help users retrieve paper clips, pins, nails, screws and other small metal objects the head of the reacher is embedded with magnets. These magnets are tiny, but capable of attaching to small metal objects and holding them until you are ready to remove them.

Notable Specifications

  • Magnetic head
  • Uniquely designed jaws to ensure grip
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Extremely affordable

Overall Assessment
The Patterson Medical Reacher Pick Up is all you need to retrieve small to medium objects off the floor or furniture. The ergonomic handle provides full control throughout the retrieving process, while the gripping jaws ensures the item will not be misplaced.

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